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I've been interested in the Grand Theft Auto games for years, I've been interested in the myths and legends, glitches and Easter eggs in GTA for years as well. So I joined the FandomWikia so I could comment and enjoy the GTAMythsWiki, I've read some of the pages for awhile now and wanted to be apart of it. I honestly thought I was allowed to comment, but when you comment, update a page, add a page, update your own damn profile, you get points, it's called the edit count and how I hate it. Enough edits, you can win badges. I was there for the fucking myths because I was genuinely interested in them. So I commented on a few. Then I commented on the Desert Phonebooth myth- it's false, not there. Originally there was supposed to be a red old British style phonebooth out in the desert as an Easter egg. The page listed it more as the Tardis from Doctor Who, a dark blue phonebooth. Naturally I guess the DW nerds pissed themselves about the Tardis being in the game. So their comments were fine. I merely commented that I had wished this myth were true, it would have been cool. Harmless comment really. Hell, if it'd been a page that I had wrote I'd want comments. I want comments on my shit now and don't get them. Well, some asshole asked if I was serious. So I said so what if I was? I was amused by stupid shit. They replied with "I bet your edit count loves it". I said I didn't care about the edit count. I thought it'd be a cool Egg, a worn red British phonebooth, not the Doctor Who Tardis, buried somewhat in the sand, maybe with a skeleton inside. Then I got asked what was with all the comments. I was upping my edit count and that's all they cared about, not about what I had to say. Each comment was a point- even though, them commenting on my comments gave them a edit count too. They had an edit count of over 3,000 and my edit count was at 21. It hardly seemed fair that they bitch at me. So I told them to delete the comments. I tried to go to the administration to have them deleted, they told me they couldn't, to get Independent40 or whatever to do it. They were one of the ones scolding me. When I checked back, my comments were gone, so I assumed he had deleted them.

That's not the end of the story. I wrote about it in my profile. I wanted somewhere to bitch about it. Doing so made my edit count go up. Actually I did that deliberately cuz I only wanted the bdage that was "contribute to the wiki for five days", so I got the badge by updating my profile. Today I get a nasty comment on my message wall that Warning, I'm pointsgaming, my profile isn't a diary. By this same prick. Also were comments that it was my right to put what I wanted in the profile. They also got mad because I copied the rule about how cursing was allowed as long as it wasn't homophobic or racist, etc. Because I commented on another page where they got onto someone for saying "damn", "fuck" or "shit", but they did not get onto these assholes in the Sharks myth section for calling other users "faggot" or the n-word and that went against the policy, not "shit" or "damn". I figured that'd get deleted too, so I posted the same comment in my profile. You're not allowed to paste because, guess why, the moronic edit count! Fuck the edit count! They said they guessed I wouldn't think they'd see it. I'm not dumb, I didn't think they wouldn't see it. Wasn't the whole purpose of putting something in your profile so others could see it? I also had in my profile the thing about the phonebooth comments and said they had been deleted. The same prick that had asked me if I was serious stated that it was bullshit, no one deleted my comments, I deleted them myself. Only administration can delete comments, I couldn't delete them, so I didn't delete them, I had tried. So I deleted the profile... and my points went up, so I'll get bitched at for that too.

Basically these little brats are upset that I had 20some points. I checked out the badge page and realized I couldn't get any of them because  apparently you're not supposed to comment. They'd probably get real pissed if I had updated a page, or added a myth. This is utter bullshit because I thought the whole point was to participate in the damn wiki. So they can have their edit count. All to themselves.

It did get me to thinking about writing and being a writer and wanting reviews and comments and not getting them. I tweeted that wouldn't it be awful if you were new to twitter and tweeted 3 times and some asshole got onto you for upping your tweet count? Cuz that's what they did on the wikia. Honestly, the Fandom Wikia should take away the points system so people can comment without being afraid of shit like this. So they can update their profile without alerting a jealous bitch. I mean, Independent40 themselves would just comment on a page, with "I hope they don't get me", others "oh, this place is spooky" and NO ONE GOT ONTO THEM. Don't you see why I'm pissed?! Why me? Why not them? They're not even being fair. The edit count shit allows them to bully just based on it, not what you say, not about the myths themselves.

I'm a writer, starving for comments. I write and edit and it hurts sitting for long hours and I swell, and I get nothing for it, barely any comments. So I said maybe if fanfic sites had an edit count or a point system, more people would want to comment to up theirs.. Then I said nah, if there were, some jealous bitch would whine that by reviewing a chapter, or updating a fic, you were upping your edit count. Cuz it's a competition to them. My actual tweets at the bottom.

I'll take the cold..

I heard 'Baby, it's cold outside' like 20 different times over the Xmas holiday season. I never want to hear that song again. And it's so rapey, she wants to leave and he can't take no as an answer and keeps begging and trying to get her drunk. But what do I expect from people who are obsessed with Fifty Shades and elected a man who is a rapist, thinks he should have groping rights cuz he's a celebrity, and hates women, as the next president?

And yes, I know I have wrote male rape in the past, but that sure as hell doesn't mean I condone it in real life or represent it as love, not even in fiction. It's not love, it's horrible. And yes, I know Fifty Shades is just fiction, just like my fanfics are fiction, but that doesn't mean people who aren't into it should have it shoved down their throats. And my fics warn people, I do not want anyone reading shit they don't want. I like being warned in fics if there are triggers or shit I don't want to read. But then, my fics aren't being sold on every bookshelf, including Walmart, or are they being made into movies. My fics also aren't being harolded as romance novels.

And no, I don't blame books, movies, tv or video games for people's ignorance. No, I don't believe exactly in censorship - even tho, I honestly wish some assholes were censored, like Trump, and I wish some shit was censored, like homophobia, sexist jokes, sexist bullshit in general, racism.. Actually, yeah, I wish some shit would just stop being written into anything at all. No more insulting men by calling them girls, and no more fucking period jokes. At least, no more of this shit being accepted as normal and okay. But I just plainly don't like Fifty Shades of Shit. So okay, some women like this, like being dominated, and that's fine, as long as it's their choice and their dom isn't an asshole who refuses to stop when they say their safe word and they can trust them, cuz trust is the most beautiful thing about BDSM, and BDSM can be beauitful. Cuz it's fine to want a dom, but what the fuck are they seeing in Christian Grey? He's a real douchebag. But I guess some women like them like that. Just like that pic of that old woman wearing a shirt to a Trump convention that said "he can grab my pussy anytime" and had an arrow pointing down to her crotch. Yeah, lady, he wouldn't grab your smelly pussy, you're old and haggard and not his type. But, eh, you are stupid, so maybe you are his type.

And no, I'm not kink shaming, fuck knows I have no right to do that. I'm just pointing out some bullshit and giving my opinion. If you take it wrong, that's you.

I believe in comebacks

I always think of such good comebacks way after I've been insulted. Like when I accidentally misspelled 'atheists' in a tweet, I spelled it 'athiest', just one of those times when the 'E' and the 'I' get mixed up while typing. And usually there's a little red line under the word on my computer when I spell shit wrong on the internet. Spell check, you know? Well, there was no line, so I didn't correct it. And okay, I don't know how to spell it off the bat cuz I don't use that word often. Also, I don't care if you're an atheist, but if you're a fucking asshole that has to insult everybody, fuck you. Well, I attracted the attention of some.. I like to call them ests. And they were not friendly at all, to no one. Now admittedly I'm blasphemous and I hate when religion is shoved down people's throats, I do. But I also hate when ests do this too, and these people were basically attacking everyone who believed in something, anything at all.

Well, I just said I couldn't be an est, cuz I do believe some things are out there. To which I got a "out there? Like in outterspace? And it's ATHEIST, moron." Yeah, out there, but out there in this world, the planet earth, you fucktard. I do believe in ghosts, mock me if you want. Some strange shit has happened to me in my life that I can't explain. Oh, the ests can have "rational" theories to what those things could have been, I can have "rational" theories to what those things could have been, but they're just theories. I can't go back in time and prove what the strange shit was. So neither of us would be right. But the ests would think they were. My original basis for my tweets was that I didn't know if I believed in Bigfoot or not, but said I believed in the possibility of it existing. I don't think they read all my tweets tho, but they all did stalk me, and more than one attacked me. Childishly. I even got called gullible and told I'd believe anything. See, not bothering to listen to me. No, I don't believe in everything, I just meant I have an open mind. Not too open, however. Some shit I definitely don't believe in. Some shit I do, some shit I might believe in the possibility of such a thing existing. I said I couldn't be a skeptic either (just cuz I like watching monster and paranormal shows and they always have some irritating skeptic on pissing me off), but I am actually very skeptical of things, thank you. I never got to make any of this shit clear. I didn't even reply back to them, just blocked them. I still think about those rude comments tho, and get angry at myself cuz I could have torn them apart. But that was during a bad time and I did not have the energy. And I did not have any friends to have my back. So I was insulted and defeated. By ignorance, of all things.

Hey, I hate religion, okay. I hate that people use the bible, which I think is a book full of lies and shit, to justify their hatred of others. I hate that they use it to ban gay marriage and hate gays. That stupid book hates women too, but it's illegal to sell us for cattle or to our rapist these days. Women own property and vote and get divorces. We are not cattle! The anti-gay thing in the bible is just more insulting women. "Man shall not lie with another man as he would a woman." Cuz women were considered filthy and evil and man shall not be compared to women cuz men are better. That's what that is saying, morons! And yes, some are atheists cuz they have read the bible and it is insulting and it disgusts them, and that's quite alright, I don't blame them. But I was not talking about religion. Me? I don't know if God exists, I believe if he does, he's a douchebag. Truth is, we none know what happens after death. Maybe it is lights out, sometimes I hope so, cuz I don't want to deal with an afterlife. But I also kinda believe in reincarnation, and I believe in ghosts. It'd be fun to be a ghost. You know what, the mystery of death excites me. Cuz I don't know! I don't know everything. Neither do they. It's the mystery of the supernatural that I love as well, the mystery of aliens or ghosts, or undiscovered cryptids. I love it, always have. Also, I know they were stalking me cuz I said I wish there was a button to report abuse. There wasn't one then. And one guy said he didn't see any abuse and good day. Well, bad day, bad life to you, sir jackhole. ;)

Anyways, back to my comeback. When he said it was spelled "it's ATHEISTS, moron." I should have said "what? You mean it's not like 'aliens', with the 'I' first instead of the 'E'." Maybe that'd've  really pissed him off.

And if anyone sees this and gets pissed, don't jump my shit. Like I said, I don't care what you believe in, only how you treat people. Regardless of their beliefs, these people were attacking others for no valid reason. I was hurting no one with what I said. Just that I couldn't be one, I hate official labels most of the time anyhow, but that offended them. Anyone believing in anything offended them. Sheesh.

Also, one told me "just because you believe in something, doesnt make it true." Okay, yeah, but that goes both ways. Just because you don't believe in something doesn't make it not true. Like I don't believe in homophobia, or racism, or sexism, but yet there are still so many homophobes, racists, and sexists. And most of them run the damn country.


I'm actually not as big a bitch as I used to be. Oh, I still can be when angry, but I can be more easily guilted these days. I'll feel bad about shit even when I know I'm right. How is that fair? People I've cared about have hurt me, and they didn't feel guilty at all- in fact, they said not to guilt them- and I am the one who felt guilty instead. I felt like the bad guy. And the worst of it is, I used to think I deserved to be treated like shit. It was my fault, right? So I deserved to he treated like shit and threw away and tossed aside. Well, the worst of it is when I realized that I didn't deserve to be treated like shit. Cuz I didn't fucking deserve to be treated like shit! I still don't, I don't deserve to feel I can't come on here, I don't deserve to be lonely, I don't deserve to be ignored. But I am. Oh, well.

Thing is, I miss the internet. I've wanted to come back, I've went back thru pages of mine and just got depressed rehashing old memories. I've thought of deleting Terrahfry and becoming someone new, but I couldn't write anymore. Hell, I've even thought of changing my name at least, but it wouldn't do any good. This is who I am, and I'm attached to the name Terrahfry. Mentally, I haven't been able to come back. I'm doing much better personally. My meds and therapy are working.. there's just still so much anxiety when I think about coming back. And I fucking hate it.

I miss writing, but I can't make my ideas take flight. I am usually in a lot of physical pain and it makes it hard to focus. I'm on my phone now, so I can lay down or change positions more easily. I can't do that with my laptop. The arthritis is bad in my back, hips and legs, and it makes sitting for long periods of time hard. And no, no doctor will do anything about it, and I have no pain meds stronger than Tylenol and I'm immune to that now. No, I'm not making excuses, I just keep waiting for a better option, still waiting until I can do something. I'm so tired of waiting.

Merry Xmas- bah humbug

This time of year still depresses me. Maybe even more so this year than any other in the past cuz of personal reasons. For one, I don't have any friends on here to share it with anymore and I hate that. I used to write my Christmas Shots, but there's really no inspiration for me anymore, and without friends honestly writing isn't as fun anymore. I miss writing, but I have nothing. I miss my friends and how we used to perv out over our boys, but those days died long ago.

And two, my mom is a truck driver now, so she's out on the road and since they had some bad money problems this year, they have to work thru Xmas to get a bonus, so my mom won't be home until 2wks after Xmas, and it fucking sucks. I've always had my mom for Xmas, and no matter what hell she put me thru as a child, she always made Christmas special, maybe like she was making up for the entire year with one day. I understand why she can't be here, but I still hate it. My brother is laid up after knee surgery so he can't come over, I have to go over there.. oh, and he knocked his gf up, I might be an aunt. My family situation is kinda depressing right now and I'm not happy. I'm fucking miserable. More so than I have ever been.

I guess I'm putting this here cuz I know no one will see it. I'm not whining, I know they're worse off out there than me, I'm tired of being reminded and feeling people think I'm not fucking grateful for what I do have. That's the thing, I am grateful and I hate losing things that matter to me, I don't want to lose things that are important to me. And no, I don't wish any of my former friends any ill-will, not at all. I wish them all the happiness in the world. But I'm still fucking miserable and lonely. I'm still on meds, they make it better, and make it so I can deal with all the bullshit in my life that I cannot change right now, or control, or make better right now. Shit just sucks right now, but maybe it won't suck forever.

Fandom Peeves.. part one

When someone posts a pic of a celebrity they don't own the rights to and then puts under the pic "DO NOT REPOST!! I TOOK THIS PIC, I WANT CREDIT FOR IT, ME ME ME!! IF YOU REPOST I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU, UNDERSTAND. I WILL REPORT YOU, GET YOUR ACCOUNT DELETED AND I WILL KILL YOU!!" Only, you know, usually not spelled correctly or with the proper puncuation and shit. It's like, okay, you took a picture during a concert of Gerard Way and you want no one else to share it. You saved a pic of Norman Reedus from a photoshoot, that you did not take yourself, but edited it on pixlr and now you want no one else to share it. You made a gif of Norman from one of his movies or shows and posted it and now you don't want anyone else to use that gif as a reaction gif. Well, on that last one, guess what? That's copyright since you do not own any rights to the movie or show or the characters or actors. You could get in serious trouble for making the gif. So stop fucking preaching that people are stealing from you and be proud of the fact that someone wants to use "your" gif.

Actually, if I was famous myself, I'd troll tumblr and when I saw someone posting pics or gifs of me and yelling in all caps DO NOT REPOST I would point out that they don't own the rights to me and if I wanted to be a mega bitch, I'd get their accounts suspended for copyright.

This does not go for fanart or fanfiction. Just pics and gifs of celebrities you don't own the rights to and have no right telling people they can't share, especially without crediting you. Fuck off. Really. And if I ever get to go to a Supernatural con and get a photo op with the boys, I'll post it and tell fans they can edit it and post it and they don't have to credit me, cuz sometimes you aren't worried about who took the picture, you just want to share a pretty pic of someone who makes you happy.

But if you want credit, put your damn name on it and kindly ask people not to remove it.. just don't be a dick and put a watermark across the person's face.. or like when that person put that watermark across Edge's ass. That was beyond rude. It's a nice fucking ass!


Ah, shit, those got posted to my Twitter feed. I'm sorry, for anyone who might actually be reading this, I'm not ready to go back to Twitter. I'd really like to come back to the internet and be social again, but I'm still not sure. I had to get away after my heart was ripped out and I was brutally insulted and betrayed. I also had to get away b/c I haven't been very well emotionally, mentally or physically. I'm getting better thanks to medication, but I'm still not in the right state of mind. I'm really not ready mentally.

I have been writing somewhat on 'Brothel' though. It's actually been fun writing sex scenes again. But I do miss having someone to fangirl with over wrestlers and pretty boys. You know, when I found fanfic and everything, I found people who were just as perverted and twisted as I was, who didn't look at me like a freak for my work. Who actually enjoyed it. I did love making people happy with my work. I still do, but I also want to make myself happy with my work. I'm also not done with 'The Darkest Corners'. I don't want to abandon that fic, it was too much fun.

Delusions- Poems

The poems I posted to that scary stories app. These are mine, written mostly in depression, or boredom. They may not be the best, I sometimes like to write poems, but they usually aren't completely finished, so they're just chopped up sentences.

Delusions...Collapse )

It's a word if I want it to be

You know what I can't stand? People who say "that's not a word." I really can't. They usually say this about slang terms and character dialogue. Recently I got a review on FFDN- anon review, too cowardly, or lazy to login and let me comment back.. but what is great about these stupid reviews is I can delete them and I did delete this one- Anyway, I got a review on 'Sold to a Hardy' that naturally told me it was good so far, but the spelling was off and that "funner is not a word." Okay, yeah, it is one of my earlier ones and I was still rusty on my spelling/grammar and needed lots of practice. As anyone that reads my later work can see, that did indeed improve. I get tired of people reviewing the earlier fics and telling me I need to work on my spelling and grammar. I did, dammit! I actually did. I had a acquaintance a few years back and I edited her fanfics and she wouldn't even try and improve her work. I tried to help her, but she thought she was one of the greatest writers b/c she was getting a couple more reviews than me- duh, she was writing Jeff Hardy how they wanted to read him, as a helpless bottom, but I'm not getting back into that shit cuz I no longer care. Anyhow, I told her she could improve, but she couldn't be bothered with words. My point is, I sucked a few years ago, yeah, but I worked hard on getting better and I did improve. I had wanted to edit those old stories, but I never got around to it. I did edit my Futurama fic 'Don't Fry Wolf!' cuz I'm still quite proud of that one. I also wanted to leave them as a testament that anyone could improve in their work too, but obviously no one sees that I've improved b/c they don't scroll thru my recent work.

Also, as I've said, I hate when people say something isn't a word. Let me explain this; If it's a slang term a character or the writer is using it's a damn word. If it's the character's dialogue, the way that the character would talk, or if they're saying something that isn't a damn word by a dictionary's standard, and it's to make the character seem more real- cuz let's face it, we all use slang terms, we all use shorthand and shit- then it's a damn word. I used "funner" as a slang word. So no, the dictionary may not recognize this as a real word, but it is cuz the character can fucking say it. The character, or the writer, made it a word. So shut up, you anal retentive Grammar Nazi.

Now, I would like to say that I do hate shitty writing- and the fact that a shitty writer can have a goddamn best selling series that glorifies rape and abuse as love and get it turned into a movie- and I hate when a fic is so poorly spelled that it can't be read- yes, like
My Immortal, but I can actually read that fic, b/c I know words. I have read that fic many many times, as a matter of fact. But My Immortal does not excuse other fics or stories written like this cuz My Immortal is too hilarious, so it gets a pass in my book, lol. If not yours, cool. But most who criticize other's spelling and grammar can sometimes be bad at it themselves. But I guess, they're not the writer. I do get irritated when the writer makes so many mistakes- not just the occasional mistake or typo that they probably missed when editing, but the ones who it appears did not edit their work at all, or care to- like my former acquaintance. I am not this type of writer, even though I do make mistakes I miss in editing that I feel stupid for when I reread it again later on, and I do use slang terms. Because, dear Grammar Nazi, if all the characters talk like dictionaries, it's quite boring. Also, I like some made up words.

Speaking of shitty writing that you can't read, there is this app I'm on. It's a scary stories app, I'm not under Terrahfry there, but whatever. Anyway, it's a app where anyone can try and post their scary stories- though most of it is poems about depression and self-harm- and most of these stories are terribly written, but the modifier's let them be posted anyway. But yet, there's a lot of people complaining that their supposedly well-written story was rejected. This makes no sense to me. Well, it does have a limit on how short it can be. I had wanted to post some of my original work on there, but I don't know if I should. I did post some of my poems on there and got no comment on the damn thing. Oh, I got a comment thru personal message, like mine wasn't important enough to post the comment for anyone to read. Humph. It reminds me of my
Ferard fics getting NO response b/c Gerard is the bottom in my work, and no one really knows me. Cuz fanfic can be politics. But on the app, I did comment on other's work. And that's how one person saw me and sent me a personal message saying that they hoped I could understand or appreciate words or some shit and to read their poem and comment on it. This has always disgusted me. I never begged for reviews, but getting none for hard work DOES suck ass. But this was like the person couldn't comment on my poems, but wanted comments for their own. Ugh. I don't do that review-for-a-review shit though. It feels weird. So I don't care much, but it's just the damn thought of it, you know.

And no, I'm not trying to be that big of a bitch. I'm just saying, pick on the writers who aren't even trying.. if you're going to pick on someone. Don't bitch at the writers who work hard at their craft and maybe just out of extreme tiredness, or whatever, miss a typo- or use a damn slang term. Actually bad spelling does irk the shit out of me, but I don't feel like calling them on it. Just don't read it. Simple as that.

I'm Still Alive.. I Think..

Been gone for a long while, it's been a long, painful winter. The cold makes me ache all over, so I haven't gotten here much.. And then there's the personal issues (that I should have never spoke about in any post). I'm trying to get over all of it, put it behind me.. I am succeeding gradually. I want to get back to writing. I've also been into these horror/urband legend apps. I'm more into reading horror, and one app I have on my phone takes submissions, but they really aren't ready for me.. besides, they're so damn touchy about anyone saying a dirty word, so fuck them. :P (the stories are so gory and violent though.. but the word "ass" offends them.. Priorities..?) But I do miss being a slashy smut writer. Those apps aren't gay enough for me, lol.
As I stated in the end ANs for the 4th chapter of Brothel, I have found Gerard's pornstar double. It's taken me awhile, but I finally done it. Cuz when I watch gay porn for both my pervy pleasure and research for the smut I write, I have been searching for just that one little perfect emo boy who favors Gerard just enough to satisfy my fantasies. Usually I'm more successful in anime, but I take what I can get. I'm hopeless. But I found a pretty dude with that atomic red hair that may not look like Gerard's twin, but he favors him so much it's so fucking hott and scary. His name is Drake Blaize. The differences is; Drake's 6ft, Gerard's 5'9. Drake has lots of pretty tattoos & piercings, Gerard's perfect porcelain skin has none b/c he's afraid of needles and that's okay. Drake mostly tops and I prefer Gerard to bottom exclusively.. in my fanfic world he does, especially since he had to be my "OC" for FFDN not to delete me for writing "real person" blah blah blah. And of course I do, b/c I want to write him in my world.. eventually he'll become more OC than RP and be his own. He's already more his own character than the adorable rockstar he's inspired after. Drake's also British and only 21, while Gerard is 37 and looks younger than 21 at any given damn time. Gerard's more pixie like. Drake's also a gay pornstar while Gerard only played a full-dressed one on stage. >.> Both give me an incredible boner. Drake's also a fucking gay escort. Again, for the 99th time, why could I have not been born a handsome, debonair, charming, rich gay man..? My dreams of being a sugar-daddy and having a pretty boy to spoil of my own are shattered. Still a gay man on the inside, dammit. It counts, right?! I'm just not handsome, debonair, charming, or rich. -_-

Rest probably NSFW.. Adult content.. also, is it bad if I want these two to fuck? Or that I wanna participate? It can't be. Nah.

Dopplegangers...Collapse )

Fidgety Boys (gifs)


Awww, they're such kids!

Pain & Purses- rambling

I often forget this place, but just wanted to type something out.

Read more...Collapse )
As with the last one, it's posted here because I had to change it in the story on the site. Just in case some fucking asshole reads it, finds fault with me personally over something stupid or some big brass ball thing to prove to themself and has it reported and the whole fic removed. If anyone decides to do that though, they're pretty heartless. I take pride in a lot of people enjoying to read my Christmas Shots, I love if it makes them happy around the holidays.

Christmas Shots;
Chapter twelve/ 'Terrah's 12 Days of Christmas'
Rated; T/ (mentions of Edge in a thong, oiled up pretty boys, Mor stripping, & ass cream)
Pairing; N/A. Characters mentioned; Edge, Hardyz, Miz, Punk, Jericho, Christian, Legacy, Randy, Morrison, DX, Cena.
Set-up; My own little "slash-tastic" version of the 12 Days of Christmas.

Twelve Days of Xmas...Collapse )

Christmas Shot, And The Superstars Get

Maybe I should have posted them all here. But after the deletions for a fic under false no "script/chat" guidelines, I decided to edit the chp not to be script in Christmas Shot on FFDN & put the original here. The fic that was deleted had no script or chat or wasn't "interactive" whatsoever. I don't want this deleting my whole Christmas Shots story. This was chp 8, from Christmas 2010.

Christmas Shots;
Chapter eight/ 'And the Superstars Get...'
Rated; T/ L, (wrestling violence, M/M kissage, some biased-ness)
Pairings; Matt/Christian/Edge/Jeff, Ted/Cody, Centon, A-Ri/Cole.
Characters; E&C, Hardys, CM Punk, John Cena, Michael Cole, Alex Riley, Ted, Cody, Morrison, The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, LayCool, Gail Kim, Ziggler, Vickie, Ryder, DX, Jericho, Sheamus, Heath Slater, Wade Barrett, Santino, Kozlov, Masters, Kofi, Kane, Evan, Goldust.
Set-up; The writer hands out gifts, but really it's just for herself. (I'm in here, but not a Mary Sue or anything. Same as 'Muse Troubles' really.) For random ha-ha's!

The Superstars GetCollapse )

Just pondering

The other night I had an odd dream. I walked by this crane game and it had all these little Trollz dolls in it. Everyone knows Trollz are my thing, they always have been since I was a child, one is tattooed on my arm. They are like my version of MLP. These crane games never have Trollz in them, so I was excited. And I had all these quarters (which in real life I never have a shit ton of quarters for games or toy/fake tattoo machines) and I put them in and every time I actually won (which I never win at crane games at all in real life) and not only got a Troll, but a stuffed animal with it. But when I got outside and checked my prizes, all I had were the stuffed animals. The Trollz were gone. "Where are my Trollz?" I said with a pout as I continued to look the parking lot for them.

This seemed to be a symbol of my luck. Even when I do good, it just goes bad. Maybe a prelude to FFDN deleting the fic I had such hope in and was so excited to write and have exist.

I'm kinda irritated by the internet term "troll" because of my love for those little dolls, but I get why it's used. My Trollz dolls are not like the troll creatures of folklore and the internet trolls are like the trolls of folklore. Big, smelly, gross, nasty and destructive creatures. I never understood why Trollz dolls were named troll. They are not like the gross, smelly, mean trolls of folklore. They are cute and playful and you wish on them and they're supposed to bring you luck.. even if they never brought me luck at all.

I don't understand the same about why a Teddy Bear is the popular stuffed toy. Bears in real life are sure as hell not cuddly or friendly, they maul people and other animals. Why isn't it a bunny the popular stuffed story instead of a bear? Bunnies are soft and furry and cuddly and eat grass/vegetation... I think..

Are there killer bunnies..? That would be cool.. Little furry bunny rabbit with sharp bloody teeth..

Rude customers & lazy service

Shit that's on my mind. I posted a opinion on rude waiters/waitresses last night. Apparently rude customers really get in people's cross hairs. Rude people in general get in mine. I had saw a comment reblogged on my Tumblr dash that basically said they hated anyone rude to waiters. I tweeted the following.
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Irony- Roller coasters

Last week when we went to Dollywood to see the Christmas lights, my Mom kept making fun of me & my brother for being too chicken to ride the roller coasters.. I'm getting sick of the fact that that's all Dolly can fucking put in her damn park is more roller coasters. I just plainly don't care for coasters. Call me a chickenshit all you want, they're just not my thing. My brother was being a chicken, but with all the irrational fears I have, I can't make fun. Anyway, we waited forever for Mom & my cousin to ride those damn things & it was cold & I was bored. I also have HBP & am on medications- because even though the doctors are so afraid of me having heart problems & a heart attack, I'm on meds that cause my heart to race & could possible cause a heart attack. They're so smart. *sarcasm*

Anyway, these people who knew my brother came down the hill from the coaster & Nan told them my brother was being too chicken to ride. I said 'yeah, she calls him chicken, but she won't ride either' & everyone laughed good-naturedly. Well, I found out later that one of the girls in their group got off a coaster & had to go to the hospital for heart problems.. A good reason I didn't ride is because I can't get worked up too much. My general anger & fits & depression put me at risk enough, a coaster would have been too big a risk right now. So, I may be a chickenshit, but I'm not in the hospital. (& my condolences to the person who is, hope she's okay)

Also, the people there were wearing fucking shorts & flip-flops & they looked at me funny because I was in a coat & a furry hat. It was cold. *shakes head* I also got hot chocolate & a funnel-cake.

Comments are disabled because I'm getting sick of the spamtoids being the only to comment on anything I post.. it's usually just for the communities though..

Kitty Spear

kittie spear gif
Kitty Adam is tired of Kitty Gee's teasing. (Basically, this is how I see the babies playing. It's silly because both my babies are allergic to cats, so I guess if they were kittens, they'd be allergic to themselves- if no one has any clue who I am or about my love of Edge or Gerard Way or my 'Life With Kittens' fanfic on FFDN, disregard as nonsense. I can't remember where I found the gif, probably Tumblr. I named it 'Kittie Spear' in the folder. It is definitely not mine)
I could get into everything that's happened, but I'm not. My comp tore up & needed fixing (after unneeded drama in both my real life & internet life) and now that I have it back, I find that everything & all my settings have been completely fucked up by the idiot guy I had fix it when I told him NOT to fuck w/ shit! It won't even let me post any newly saved docs to FanFicDotNet. But at least I have audio. (he fixed it so perfectly the last time and shitty this time.. well, fuck him)

On to some cuteness. Since Rhiannamator started making the Edge, Jedam & Christian "My Little Pony" figures & drawings, she's started something. Here's my little tribute to the My Little Wrestling Ponies!

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Decided to post this here too; From my profile on FanFicDotNet --> www.fanfiction.net/u/1643400/Terrahfry

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In short... ignorance kept pissing me off yesterday.. & childishly, all I have to really say to that is "FuckYou, FuckOff!!"







& they could prolly do such wonders w/ those middle fingers... don'tcha think? Mhmm... I feel better already..

Shit That Amuses Me- Kill The Batman?

Yeah.. but there's just one problem, Gee...

So.. good luck with that...

(yeah, I found the picture at top- Gerard Way from MCR- & it reminded me of a scene from Supernatural- Dean Winchester proclaims he's Batman, Bad Day At Black Rock from season 3- I couldn't resist. Dean Winchester is fucking badass, watch out, Gerard. I own nothing. I did not make either thing, I'm just being all amused & shit. Also, I fucking loved Batman & Robin growing up, look over me. I have a pretty boy weakness)

P.S. Just musing on it, but; Jensen Ackles would make a fucking HAWT Batman. An awesome as fuck one too. Gee, wanna be Robin? (I'd be slashing that shit hard)

I'm (Not) Okay?

I've still been reeling from Edge's retirement (it'll fucking hurt for awhile). Yes, I'll continue to love & support him & deff write him. I just needed some time. Plus there's everything else right now; personal shit, family drama, fanfic continuing to frustrate me, health problems, wrestling being meh (esp since I've lost Edge, & Jeff's been *sighs* whatever Jeff is. Srsly, Centon fans have went all sobby since they separated them by sending Randy to SD in the draft, but guys, you have them both still. They're both still in WWE & are active competitors, be thankful. My precious OTP is in shambles. I can't bitch much. Back in 2009 I was scared they'd separate Edge & Jeff since they were both on SD in a on-again-off-again feud.. but back then that's all I had to worry about)

So, I'll be okay (I hope) In the mean time I've been fucking addicted to My Chemical Romance. How the fuck have I not been a mega-fan of theirs since forever? (& well, I started really listening to them back in Feb during my breakdown. I put on the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge album & let my mind roam to happy places. Then I had to have all their albums. It's been money well spent) Gerard Way's voice fucking melts me. The music, the lyrics, everything is perfect. Their music has kept me sane & has been all I've listened to since the Impending Doom (Edge retiring) hit. Music is my number one escape. If wrestling & fanfic sucks or I'm blocked, I go back to music. & other than Fozzy or Rob Zombie, I don't have many artists that I obsess over or can listen to their albums in full. I have a million songs I like, but not artists :/ I'm so fucking picky.

Edge nodding gif, ftw.

I'm also kinda perving on Gerard Way. He's hott, & kinda in a small way reminds me of Jeffers. It's the changing hair & his creativity & talent. But that's about it, I guess. But gawd, they're both so fucking awesome. I've kindly picked Gee to be my inspiration for a OC I was working on called Wes (Cotton Candy, some in Muse Troubles) I never could get the character to come out of his shell. I'm revamping him a bit. I dunno about it. I am anti-OC & it makes me sound like a hypocrite. I started a psycho Jeff fic where Jeffy rapes & stabs ppl to death. I'm not gonna say who all he gets, I've wrote Jeff w/ guys I thought I never would. (it leads to Jedam during. & I'll point out that I only like Jeff w/ Adam, period. But I can deal w/ Jeff being w/ Mor- Jeff tops- & maybe Gerard/Wes for occasions only) I first wrote him w/ Wes using Gerard as inspiration in this little fic. I dunno if I should let it be Wes in the fic or let it be Gerard. The "Wes" character really "came out" in the rough draft tho.

Meet Gerard. He'll be playing my Wesley.

(Also, I'm damn sure not the first that would have wrote Jeff w/ a rockstar dude, but Gerard would get eaten by Jeffers. All the other writers think that Jeff would be a bottom bitch to those rockers. Gee would NOT dominate Jeff. In fact, I like Gerard as a bottom. But he's just like everything else I like. The top when I like him different. C'mon, gawd, he's so pretty & makes these little getting-raped faces while he flips his hair like he fucking likes it. I've liked reading him w/ Frankie, but Frank is shorter & gets all the attention from writers & Gee tops. Whatever. Yeah, I'm picky.)

Angsty, sassy bitch :P

It's the same w/ Supernatural fanfic & deviant art stuff, Dean is the pretty bottom to Sam. NO. Dean tops, dammit! Sam bottoms to Dean! Get it right! & I love both Sam & Dean, tho I'm more of a Dean girl, and I still like Dean to top. It's not even about your favorites bottoming, people. It's fucking characterization that should fucking matter.

(also, yus, I support Wincest. No two ppl are more compatible or are more soulmates than Sam & Dean Winchester. In any fucking thing on the planet)

The Enigma & the Rated-R Brat, chp 2

Chp two to my lovable madness. I was having so much fun writing this I just let it go :P Characters; Jeff, Adam, Matt, Jay, Shannon.

The Enigma & the Rated-R Brat;
Chapter two/ 'Naked Perv'
Rated; M/ L (more of Jeff being naked, shenanigans, brattiness, perversion, twitchy Matt, amused Jay)

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