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My Slashy La-La-Land

Writing & Random Stuff That Amuses Me

5 February 1986
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28yrold female gutter-minded wrestling addict, slasher, & fanfic writer. Loves Edge, Hardyz, Jericho, Miz, Christian, Supernatural, horror & music, Grand Theft Auto games, MCR, Norman Reedus, & Futurama. Hates sleep. Imma fanfiction writer on FanFiction dot Net. I write graphic gay sex scenes. I am a slasher. I like to read, especially fanfiction.

Other LJ accounts;

terrahfry- Main personal account.
terrahfry13- Account for my Frerard and Gerard Way fanfiction.
terrahfryv2- Account for my writing, random fanfiction.


More Shit 'bout me.

Name: Just call me Terrah. Terrah: as in terror spelled differently. Terror as in I like scary things and horror movies. TerrahFry: Fry as in my fave Futurama character-- Philip J, Fry.

Nickname: ALiEN chiLd-- actually gave to me in the 6th grade, had it for 10 years. It was actually an insult, but I liked it, so I stole it. Hey, I've been called worse things.

Date of birth: 2/5/86.

Where I come from: Uranus-- and stop giggling. My alien parents disposed of me in Kentucky.


Imma slasher. I am not big on het at all.

Favorite wrestling slash; Jeff Hardy/Edge (Jedam) is my OTP. Christian/Jericho, Matt Hardy/Christian, Christian/Edge, Miz/Jericho, Randy Orton/Edge (Redge), Punk/Morrison, Miz/Morrison, Matt Hardy/Morrison, Christian/Heath Slater. & a few more I was too lazy to add. I'll also x-over slash Punk/Gerard Way & Jeff Hardy/Gerard Way.

Wrestling slash I can't stand; Anderson/Jeff, Punk/Jeff, Undertaker/Jeff, Rey/Edge, Edge/Evan. Just sorry, no.

Favorite Fandom Slash Couples: Futurama; Bender/Fry. Nip/Tuck; Christian/Sean. Charmed; Cole/Leo. Supernatural; Dean/Sam Winchester-- Wincest-- I know they're brothers, I don't care. Hardycest has desensitized me to caring. They're fucking hott. MCR; Frerard. The Walking Dead; Rickyl, Shane/Daryl, Governor/Daryl(I should feel bad). Blade; Scudeacon.


Even more shit 'bout me.

My writing "career": I've been writing since before I could. I used to tell my mom little stories and she'd write them down for me. One of the earliest ones I can remember is one about Bugs Bunny and his friend Daffy Duck b/c I loved Looney Tunes. It's almost like one of my 1st stories was a 'fanfiction', lol. I've never been able to break the habit of writing. In 3rd grade I used to carry 'writing' supplies in a little purse to school and write short stories in my spare time as a hobby. In 5th grade it made me feel special b/c other students would ask to read my work and make them copies. I felt like a celebrity and was told by my friends that I'd be most likely to grow up and become a famous author. That's never happened and I have yet to write my first novel and get published. But I still love to write and have always felt compelled to do so. I found FFDN in 2008 and decided to try my hand at writing for Futurama. I admit it, I was rusty and my writing badly needed work. My grammar and punctuation wasn't so good and there were lots of mistakes. But I've been getting better since then, esp since I started writing for wrestling. I'm not perfect at it, and I still make mistakes, but I've improved. Whether or not I ever do become a published author, or ever get famous for it (which is unlikely, lol) I will always be a writer. I will always feel the need to write something down whether anyone ever sees it or not. I love to write.

Big details: I am for gay rights and am against homophobia. I am for women's rights as well. But having said that, I don't believe in gender stereotypes. I don't believe people do things because of being male or female. I'd like to say I was bisexual. Or straight. I hate putting a label on it. I've leaned a little more towards men lately, but I do find women attractive. Put it this way; If I found a woman I could fall for, it wouldn't bother me that she was a woman. Love isn't about gender for me.


Find me on the 'net (I am always Terrahfry) Stalk Me Sweetly, Kittens; Live Journal (duh), FanFiction dot net (profile has links at the bottom), Twitter, DeviantART, Formspring, Facebook, You Tube.